Everio camcorders for 2013 offer “POWER PLAY” – Powerful image, sound and Wi-Fi performance, together with the latest in playful, creative innovations.

Warsaw, 8th January 2013 - JVCKENWOOD Corporation is releasing the newest line of Everio camcorders, bolstered by a perfect balance of Powerful capabilities and Playful innovations. This “Power Play Everio” lineup provides unique ways for people to enjoy everyday life, whether the main interest is in recording oneself for upload to SNS sites, streaming live events over the internet, creating original video content, or exploring creative ways to use their smartphones. Native Full HD recording is offered throughout the lineup for assured quality, and powered-up performance comes in the form of a powerful 2-hour battery, powered-up wireless connectivity, powered-up zoom and more. On the playful side you’ll find the new “Best Play” feature that makes viewing and sharing just the best scenes from your footage incredibly easy and fun. Making up the “Power Play Everio” lineup are the entry-level GZ-E105, step-up GZ-E305/EX315 and high-performance GZ-EX515 characterized by their lens-prominent design (model names containing “X” are Wi-Fi models), and the unique GZ-VX815 which presents top performance in a stylishly sleek and elegant form.

Any smartphone user has probably been disappointed at how quickly the battery runs out. That means missed opportunities when attempting to shoot video. But with Everio, you can count on a Powerful 2-Hour Battery to deliver longer recording and streaming. JVC engineers have also redesigned Everio’s Wi-Fi antenna to provide drastically improved Powerful Wireless Connection over last year’s models. While we’re on the subject of Power, we should also mention the Powerful Zoom of up to 40x optical and 65x Dynamic Zoom (depending on model) accompanied by Zoom Microphone for “being there” sound and up to 29.3mm Wide Angle (35mm conversion). This outperforms smartphone cameras by lightyears and gives users the image acquisition power to nail any shot. In addition to native Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution AVCHD recording (all models) and Standard Definition recording (all except GZ-VX815), Wi-Fi models also offer an iPhone/iPad-compatible iFrame recording mode at 1280 x 720 or 960 x 540 resolution. All models work with iMovie and Final Cut Pro X. Every model also incorporates K2, a technology developed and used in professional sound studios, which is applied during playback (GZ-E105) or during recording (all other models). Auto Wind Cut intelligently reduces wind noise without that annoying unnatural muting of sound. The GZ-VX815 goes even further with F1.2 Super Bright Lens and 12 Megapixel stills in Ultra Resolution mode.

Besides powerful capabilities that smartphones can’t provide, Everio also offers up some playful innovations that other cameras don’t provide. Case in point: “Best Play”. With this feature, the user can easily tag favorite scenes during recording or playback, and then like magic, “Best Play” generates a digest playback consisting only of those must-see scenes. Also ramping up the fun factor is Sports Scoring, a function that lets you record a running tally of the score for a sporting event you are filming, by simply tapping on your smartphone. Wi-Fi wireless communication lets you broadcast live over the internet via services such as USTREAM to show the world at large what’s happening right now in your world. It’s also possible to beam images directly from Everio to a smartphone, which can be a great help when you need to keep a cautious eye on the kids. Wireless connectivity is also the key to the optional Pan Cradle, which pans the camera as you command it from a remote location using a smartphone or tablet. Wireless data transfer possibilities include sending video to smartphone or tablet (AVCHD converted to high def MP4 or Standard Definition, your choice), as well as non-converted iFrame data transfer to iPod or iPad (or Android smartphone for that matter), and wireless data backup to a PC. JVC’s free app to take advantage of wireless communication functions is available for download from the Apple App Store (for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad) and Google Play Market (for Android phones/tablets). To make it quick and easy as possible to get rolling with Everio, Wi-Fi models are supported by a QR code-based Wi-Fi setup utility, and all models are supported by a mobile user guide that’s been optimised for smartphone viewing.

A perfect example of powerful capabilities and playful innovation can also be found in the LoiLoFit software application supplied with all Wi-Fi equipped models. Powerful video editing is possible with timeline editing, transition effects, trimming, text insert, BGM insertion and various decoration effects. Intuitive drag-and-drop operation makes using it like child’s play.

The Everio lineup for 2013 offers a wide range of choice, in capability and style, to meet the demands of a wide range of users. But no matter which model you choose, you can always expect high quality and a commitment to satisfaction. As the video market becomes increasingly diversified and the smartphone becomes ever more popular, JVC Everio provides new and exciting ways to integrate its overwhelming camera performance with smartphone convenience, making it the camcorder that’s right for right now.