New camcorder is equipped to capture images with exceptional visual quality and operational versatility, plus intriguing new features that coaches and creators will especially appreciate.

Warsaw, 8th January 2013 - JVCKENWOOD Corporation is launching a new flagship camcorder model that offers far more than what consumers might expect. People who have an interest in capturing high-quality video of fast-moving action will appreciate the uncommon capabilities of the “Procision” GC-PX100. At its core is Full HD 1920x1080/50P at 36Mbps for extremely high quality images. To slow down fast movements for analysis or art, high bit rate progressive recording enables Full HD slow-motion video playback. And the full range of recording speeds, from high-speed to time-lapse, are flexibly controllable by a single dial next to the lens. The bright and fast F1.2 lens, 1/2.3” 12.8Megapixel Back-Illuminated CMOS Sensor, and Optical Image Stabiliser provide an ideal inlet for high quality images. And with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, playback images can be beamed to and viewed on smart devices. Used together with special apps developed exclusively for this camera and downloadable free of charge from Apple App Store or Google Play Market, this camera’s high-performance functions and Wi-Fi capability take on special meaning as the ultimate “assistant coach” as it now will enable coaches to watch the video stream on a tablet while scribbling annotations onto the playback image, and more. Those looking for ways to improve their performance or prove their talent through visual power will find JVC’s GC-PX100 a perfect qualifier for their needs.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and for video enthusiasts, JVC’s GC-PX100 will be worth much more than that with its uncanny ability to capture precise moments even with fast-moving action. Content creators and sports coaches alike can take advantage of the GC-PX100’s unique capabilities, such as 36Mbps/50P high bit rate progressive recording which enables Full HD slow-motion video playback. Clear slow motion images will help athletes to recognise how they can improve, and will yield dynamic images for creative visual content. To accommodate any situation there are five shooting speeds available ranging from 100fps to 500fps, and they’re freely selectable by turning a single dial located conveniently next to the lens. There is also a function to grab bursts of 9 still images from video at the touch of a button, similar to the motor drive on an SLR still camera.

AVCHD, MP4 and MOV format recording is supported, including iFrame compatible 720p. In MOV mode the audio is recorded in Linear PCM for highest quality and usability in post-production. Brilliant images are assured by the bright and fast F1.2 wide-angle GT lens, 1/2.3” 12.8Megapixel Back-Illuminated CMOS Sensor and Optical Image Stabiliser, and give this camera serious ability to shoot excellent visual content outside a controlled studio environment.

Also contributing to the truly unique character of this flagship camcorder is built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, and by installing the free app “JVC CAM Coach” on a tablet, it’s possible to watch and annotate videos by “drawing” onto the touch screen. Flaws in an athlete’s form can be pointed out graphically on the spot. The large screen of a tablet offers comfortable on-site viewing by both coach and athlete, and means the camera won’t have to be dismounted from a stationary position (such as on a tripod) for viewing. Another helpful function of this app is Twin View, which enables simultaneous side-by-side playback of two different video clips after they’ve been transferred to a tablet. Comparative viewing will help expose details that otherwise would be missed. A simple yet very helpful function is the Tagging function, which lets the user tag any scene for easy access later on. The combination of GC-PX100 and smart device puts incredible analytical power in the hands of any coach, and brings unique tools into the hands of creators.

“Uncommon” camera features abound, such as Zoom Position Memory. This allows you to instantly switch to Full Wide, Full Tele, or a user-selectable position in between, enabling responsive capture of your subject, such as immediately going from a field full of people to a specific individual. Buttons and controls have been positioned to facilitate responsive access and maximise the user’s videographic technique. In short, JVC’s GC-PX100 is an extremely well made camera, and in the hands of creators and coaches, it may prove to be a gold mine.